Favorite things: my Sorel snowboots

After moving to Colorado in October, I started to worry about the winter. See, I’ve never really lived in a place with snow before and I had no idea what to expect. When it snows in Austin or Portland, the city shuts down. Apparently, in Denver, it takes multiple inches of the white stuff before people consider staying at home?!?

So, for my November birthday, I asked for snow boots. Something with traction, that would be safe for stomping around in my increasingly preggers state. What did I end up with? Only the most beautiful, functional boots on the planet:

Maiden voyage of the snow boots… Image Source: me

I am in love with my Sorel boots (no, they did not pay me to say that!) and wouldn’t consider using anything else to slog through winter. They are warm and sturdy, and I feel that they’ll only improve over the years as I break them in. I love footwear that can last a lifetime. 🙂

Also, full disclaimer, you should know that shopping for boots has always been a traumatic experience for me. I have pretty muscular calves, so knee-high boots are a no-go. Actually, I got a strip of skin stuck in the zipper once as I was trying a pair on… Sorel’s lace up design let me breeze right through the trauma.

What are your favorite winter weather accessories? Anything you can’t live without?

Cheers, Amy

Image source: REI

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