Bonefolder: E-Journal for Book Artists

Is there anything that feels more luxurious and special than a handcrafted book?  I just stumbled upon a delightful e-journal called Bonefolder, which caters to book designers and book artists. The journal’s name derives from the bonefolder tool used to crease paper in the book binding process.
Take a look at this beautiful, hand-sewn leather cover for Moby Dick. Produced by Sherry Barber of Frisco, TX, the cover is described as being: Full Harmatan leather binding with full thickness recessed onlays of alum tawed leather. Split board construction with blind tooled and stamped cover design. Sewn on frayed out cords and bound in the German fine binding tradition. This version is a copy of the Arion Press’ edition of Moby Dick. 26.5 x 18 x 5 cm.
I think it’s amazing. Not only is the leather dyed a particularly gorgeous shade of blue, the hand tooling is impressively detailed. Truly a beautiful piece of work.
Also, take a look at this beautifully sewn binding and cover from Elizabeth Bittner of Dallas, TX.  She describes the process as: Diamondback Twined Binding. The textblock of this book is paper I made from abaca pulp at Jim Croft’s 2007 Old Ways of Bookmaking workshop. Paper sized with gelatin and then burnished it with bonefolders; Tim Barret PC4 paper was used for the covers and the sewing was done with linen thread. 13 x 16 x 4 cm.
I love books with exposed bindings, especially when the treatment is this creative. A wonderful piece of artwork that stands alone.
Bonefolder e-journal is produced by a group called Philobiblion. Their website hosts many great resources and links for those who might be interested in hand-crafted books.
Cheers, Amy
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