Window Shopping: Metal Wall Shelf

I’m contemplating using metal wall shelves in a living room/entry way gallery wall. I like the informality of pictures that lean, rather than hang, on the wall. Also, I want some flexibility to change items out with the seasons.

Here’s a few of the options I’ve been perusing…CB2 has a gorgeous version in brushed gunmetal. It’s 48 inches wide, so plenty large enough to anchor a wall space.Source: CB2

Ikea has a brushed aluminum version that comes in 15 and 25 inch lengths. It’s shinier, which I don’t like. Plus, it doesn’t have a lip on the front, so I’d have to devise a way to hold frames in place. The price per inch is less than half that of CB2, but I feel that I’d be settling a bit…

Image Source: Ikea

I found a set of two on Etsy, but they’re only 11 inches. Still, they might be nice in combination with the larger shelf from CB2.

Image Source: Willow on the Water, on Etsy

Here’s an interesting option from an online beer supply store called Kegworks. It comes in three lengths, from 24 to 48 inches. But, again, no lip for bracing a picture frame…

Source: Kegworks

I’m wondering how much it would cost to ask a metal fabricator to make custom shelves? There’s not a lot of bends or cuts involved…

Hmmm. This one is going to take a little more thought before I make up my mind. Thankfully, the gallery wall is a long term project. Any ideas for places to find this type of shelving?

Cheers, Amy

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