the best ginger cookies ever

Oh my, I have fallen in love with a cookie…

Do you like ginger? It’s my absolute favorite flavor. My favorite drink is Jamaican-style ginger beer and my favorite cookie is, no surprise, anything ginger. Yesterday, I was in Denver Bread Co when I noticed that they were selling cookies by Victory love + cookies. The ginger cookie started calling my name and somehow I wound up walking out with a bag of five.

Here’s how they describe the ginger cookie on their website: This is a chewy, spicy ginger cookie – not a gingersnap. It is flavored with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, molasses, and enhanced with lots and lots of organic crystallized ginger. This cookie leaves a lovely aftertaste – which usually means that you end up reaching for yet another one!

Ummm, yes. I’m definitely guilty of reaching for another one… I think it’s the crystallized ginger that makes the difference. Each bite is ridiculously fresh and spicy.

Looking at their website, the company also makes yummy sounding cookies that go by names like “Cinnamon Girl”, “Lion Stout Beer Brownie”, and “Twisted Lemon Poppyseed.” I now pretty much want to try every kind.

Cheers, Amy

Image from the Victory love + cookies website

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