Portland Pack List

Portland in the spring is a flighty little thing. Sunshine one day; pouring rain the next. It can play havoc with your emotions if you’re a year-round resident. Happily, those of us who are just visiting can plan ahead and enjoy what the city has to offer. Just pack layers and applaud the stoicism of those locals who are nearing the end of a six month grey stint.

Here’s some key items to bring:

Messenger bag: Portland is bicycle city. This is part of the uniform. Plenty of room to hold your rain jacket, water bottle, and other sundries. Shop local and check out this one from Ellington, my favorite Portland store.

Raincoat: Nobody in Portland uses an umbrella. Resist the urge to stick a mini one in your suitcase…instead, bring a lightweight raincoat. You’ll want one that’s fairly lightweight and crushable, so it can fit into your bag in case of sunshine. Marmot makes a good sporty option.

Cadet or Newsboy-style hat: These are practically a uniform in Portland. Snag a lightweight one for spring and you’ll blend right in. I like this one from Outdoor Research. It’s subtle, but the checkered pattern adds a little bit of flair.

Jersey skirt, dress, tops: Build your outfits around jersey layers. They’re comfy and easy to add/subtract as temperatures dictate. I like a base of black and grey pieces, with a few colorful pops.

Leggings: Chic, yet practical layering option. Wear with skirts, dresses, and tunics. You’ll want them for warmth on rainy days.

Scarf: Easy chic, plus helpful when you need a little extra warmth. I found this option here.

Cardigans: Did I mention layers? I’d bring one lightweight and one heavier, almost jacket-like option.

Ballerina flats: You want a full coverage shoe to keep your feet dry. These dress things up nicely.

Toms: The other shoe in your suitcase. Comfortable for around town wear, plus you’ll blend right in. Take a look at their website here.

Jeans: everyone in Portland wears skinny jeans. I personally hate them, but you won’t go wrong if you bring a pair.


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