Gifts that say ‘I Love You’

Looking for a gift that says ‘I love you’ every time it’s used? Here’s a handful of my favorite items. Perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just because. With each one, you could give as a present…or you could get creative…

I adore’s iphone case. It’s simple and chic, yet has a clear message. We use our phones all the time…wouldn’t you love to be reminded someone loves you multiple times every day? If you’d like to get creative, think about sneaking the case onto your loved one’s phone…then send a love note text message. She’ll find the phone, the case, and your note at the same time.

Another good everyday item is a tote bag. Perfect for going to the market, toting books to the library, or hanging out at the park. I love the message that wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, you’re loved. I could easily see myself using this bag as a pool tote for the summer. If you’re looking to get creative, think about filling the bag with picnic items and going on a spontaneous outing. That way, she’ll always have good memories associated with the present.

If your special someone is into handwritten notes, check out this stationery. Simple and elegant. You could give it to them as a present…or…if you’re feeling creative, perhaps consider using it to leave random notes of appreciation around the house or tucked into their bag. Nothing brightens up the day like finding a special, unexpected love note…

For a long-lasting reminder of your affection and appreciation, try this simple silver heart. I love the clean lines and simple, hammered texture. I have a heart necklace similar to this one that my husband gave me after the birth of our son. Every time I wear it, I glow inside. If you’re feeling creative, consider setting up a scavenger hunt. This works especially well if there is a toddler in the family…there are few things cuter than a small child giggling while trying to keep a secret.

For a relaxing reminder of your love, try Aura Cacia Heart Song Bubble Bath. This is a wonderful gift for new mothers – the luxury of a half hour soak in the tub is amazing when you’ve been on baby duty around the clock! If you’re feeling creative, consider setting up the first bath for her. Imagine coming home or waking up to the wonderful surprise of warm water, fresh flowers on the sink, and a bottle of bubble bath with a nice ribbon tied around it…

Cheers, Amy

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