Favorite Links: Oma Edition

My mom just came out to visit for a week – it was wonderful having her here! She is one of the most creative women I know, and I always feel inspired at the end of our visits. I love spending time with her.

For my favorite links this week, I thought I’d pick a few that are inspired by our visit:

Have you seen the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum? Swoon… We went to visit over the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. I hadn’t realized that he played such a pivotal role in revolutionizing women’s fashion…and really making strides for feminism. His introduction of the pants suit apparently sent shock waves through popular culture. The exhibit is a fascinating peak into an amazing career.

For you creative types, ever considered doing book origami? My mom discovered this nifty idea here. Also, apparently you can knit with old cassette tapes. Who knew?

Lastly, here is a tribute to Maurice Sendak in the NYTimes. Beautiful work honoring an amazing man. RIP Mr. Sendak – may you dance the wild rumpus wherever  you are.

Cheers, Amy

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Links: Oma Edition

  1. What great ideas Oma has! I’m inspired to try knitting with videotapes next!

  2. We are originally from California and relocated to Portland, Oregon. We now live in Denver. Small world! We are really enjoying living in Colorado. I dedicated another blog to Portland because I do miss it! http://ouryearinportland.wordpress.com/
    It was nice to find your blog. We have an Oma too!

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