Rural Cabin Dreams

For the last ten years or so, I’ve had a pretty consistent dream of buying land and building our own cabin/camping lodge on it. Nothing too fancy – the point would be to get closer to the land and practice small living when we’re there.

These semi-prefab kits are extremely appealing:

Have you heard of Shelter Kit? I love their unit 1s. I could see putting up one the first year, then adding on over time. Would also make a great guest cabin or writer’s retreat.

I’m extremely drawn to the barn models from I’d build one and use the stalls for semi-private bedrooms. I’m picturing built in bunk beds, kind of like summer camp.

Sunset Magazine has a cool feature on prefab homes. Beautifully simple and spare – just room for the essentials. Their models might be a little too designed for my taste, though.

With a newborn baby, these are still just dreams. But I can’t resist looking at land listings online and planning it out in my head.

Of course, it would be *the* place for family reunions. Stargazing, campfires, hiking…

Maybe someday… For now I’ll continue to dream. What about you?

Cheers, Amy

PS – Unit One image found here

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