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Life Inspiration Collage Board

What do you think of this idea? It’s like a giant life inspiration board in the living room…which is pretty cool. But I’m kind of overwhelmed by the visual clutter of it. Would you consider putting up a display piece like this one? Would you change things out or just add to it over time?

Cheers, Amy

PS – Image found here

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Surprising New Mom Luxury Item

My greatest luxury as a new mom? Bathrobes. I own two: a fleecy warm one and a cotton yukata from Japan. One for winter and one for summer. There is a hook in the bathroom right next to the shower that I appropriated for my robe. It’s perfect for quick changes – I can get from a shower to nursing in record time.

The best part of the bathrobe is that it makes me feel like an elegant lady, even when I’m slopping around the house doing chores. Is that silly? I’m not sure… but I know that elegance is a tough feeling to come by when you’re taking care of a newborn.

Do you have clothes that make you feel elegant, casual, and comfortable, all at the same time?

Cheers, Amy

PSb – The image is a sketch by Pablo Picasso. I found it on the always rad oldpainting.tumblr.com. Also, I own this fleecy robe. I purchased my yukata on a trip to Japan.

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Favorite Links: 5 Beautiful Photography Blogs

There are quite a few talented photographers sharing their work on blogs these days. Here’s five that I visit regularly and am always inspired by:

pia jane bijkerk : A curation of visual soul. Beautiful photos from the blogger and other featured sources.

Caroline Dreams : A magical, fanciful journey through a Paris photographer’s dreams.

Le voyage creatif : Gorgeous photos of a food stylist’s life on a Scandanavian island.

la porte rouge : Photos and thoughts chronicling a rural life in Australia.

from me to you : Behind the scenes fashion and travel photography from around the globe.

Cheers, Amy

PS – the gorgeous image above is from le voyage creatif

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The Greatest Desk Accessory

I just discovered this T Rex staple remover on ahalife‘s website. How much fun would it be to CHOMP that staple off the page every time you had to do some filing or copying? Now if I could only justify the price…

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Favorite Links: Oma Edition

My mom just came out to visit for a week – it was wonderful having her here! She is one of the most creative women I know, and I always feel inspired at the end of our visits. I love spending time with her.

For my favorite links this week, I thought I’d pick a few that are inspired by our visit:

Have you seen the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum? Swoon… We went to visit over the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. I hadn’t realized that he played such a pivotal role in revolutionizing women’s fashion…and really making strides for feminism. His introduction of the pants suit apparently sent shock waves through popular culture. The exhibit is a fascinating peak into an amazing career.

For you creative types, ever considered doing book origami? My mom discovered this nifty idea here. Also, apparently you can knit with old cassette tapes. Who knew?

Lastly, here is a tribute to Maurice Sendak in the NYTimes. Beautiful work honoring an amazing man. RIP Mr. Sendak – may you dance the wild rumpus wherever  you are.

Cheers, Amy

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Book Igloo

It’s a book igloo. By Miler Lagos. I want one. Happy Monday.

Cheers, Amy

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Favorite Links: Vintage Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day…do you have something special planned?

I found this image in the Shorpy Historical Photo Archives.  I love everything about it…from the trio in the foreground to the child scampering down the alley in the background. Do you think the sister is going to share?

To mothers everywhere, have a wonderful weekend. For my first Mother’s Day, I get to spend it with both my son and my mother. I can’t wait.

I thought I’d share one of my favorite blog posts about motherhood, from the always wonderful Pia Jane Bijkerk. Also, a shout out to my own mother’s eponymous blog, lanietankard.wordpress.com.

The L.A. Times has an article on Famous Moms Through History. Her choice of which moms to include is a little skewed to modern celebrity, but it’s an interesting read.

Cheers, Amy

Cheers, Amy

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Gifts that say ‘I Love You’

Looking for a gift that says ‘I love you’ every time it’s used? Here’s a handful of my favorite items. Perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just because. With each one, you could give as a present…or you could get creative…

I adore ban.do’s iphone case. It’s simple and chic, yet has a clear message. We use our phones all the time…wouldn’t you love to be reminded someone loves you multiple times every day? If you’d like to get creative, think about sneaking the case onto your loved one’s phone…then send a love note text message. She’ll find the phone, the case, and your note at the same time.

Another good everyday item is a tote bag. Perfect for going to the market, toting books to the library, or hanging out at the park. I love the message that wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, you’re loved. I could easily see myself using this bag as a pool tote for the summer. If you’re looking to get creative, think about filling the bag with picnic items and going on a spontaneous outing. That way, she’ll always have good memories associated with the present. Continue reading

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Favorite Links

Wood type lovers, lend a hand! The Hamilton Type Museum got flooded last night. According to them” Four inches of rain in northeastern Wisconsin last night has left us with an inch of standing water in the museum (it’s bad). The 800 gallons of water we’ve sucked off the floor looks like beer (we’re calling it Hamilton Stout). We need your help raising funds to repair the roof, clean off type and buy more paper towels. Consider a donation today, any amount helps.

Cool literary detective work – a book conservator at Brown University uncovered a Paul Revere engraving stuffed into a medical text that once belonged to a member of the university’s class of 1773. Full NYTimes story here.

Also, what?! Snoop Dogg published a “smokeable book” titled Rolling Words.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Cheers, Amy

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Refrigerator Oatmeal

I recently discovered an easy, delicious summer breakfast option: refrigerator oatmeal. I was skeptical at first, but it’s actually quite tasty. Turns out that soaking the oatmeal overnight vs cooking it leads to a chewier, less gluey texture.

I originally found the recipe on a blog called The Yummy Life. Since I’ve cut out dairy, I couldn’t add Greek yogurt, so I experimented with some options. I found that if you mix 1 part oatmeal to 2 parts soy milk, you get a pretty good texture. I mix mine in tupperware containers at night, pop them in the fridge, and they’re good to go by morning.

You can add all kinds of yumminess to the oatmeal. Here’s a few of my favorite combinations so far:

1) Raspberry, honey, wheat germ
2) Blackberry, maple syrup
3) Peach preserves, chopped pecans
4) Strawberries, blueberries, honey
5) Chopped apple, cinnamon, honey

I also frequently sprinkle in some chia seeds and soy protein powder.

Have you tried making refrigerator oatmeal before? What did you think?

Cheers, Amy

Image borrowed from The Yummy Life. Their recipes are delicious – you should check them out.

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