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Window Shopping: Hot Mom Bathing Suit

Post-Griffin, I find myself approaching summer clothing with a whole different agenda… The c-section means I need a one piece…which I haven’t worn in about fifteen years. So, I’m on the search for a non-frumpy, flattering, “hot mom” bathing suit. There has to be such a thing…

Here’s a few options I’ve found. I’m particularly fond of the color and cut of this one from J Crew:

J Crew Ruched Femme Tank

I like this one from LL Bean, but I worry about the skirt part. Could be flattering or could look frumpy:

LL Bean Slimming Swim Dress, Halter

I like this one from Lands End, but the ruching doesn’t seem as flattering as the one from J Crew. Plus, it is almost double the price!

Lands End Princess Slender Suit

The one from J Crew might be hard to beat…but I’m going to keep searching for a little while longer… Any suggestions? What are your favorite flattering swimsuit styles?

Cheers, Amy

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Window Shopping: Metal Wall Shelf

I’m contemplating using metal wall shelves in a living room/entry way gallery wall. I like the informality of pictures that lean, rather than hang, on the wall. Also, I want some flexibility to change items out with the seasons.

Here’s a few of the options I’ve been perusing…CB2 has a gorgeous version in brushed gunmetal. It’s 48 inches wide, so plenty large enough to anchor a wall space.Source: CB2

Ikea has a brushed aluminum version that comes in 15 and 25 inch lengths. It’s shinier, which I don’t like. Plus, it doesn’t have a lip on the front, so I’d have to devise a way to hold frames in place. The price per inch is less than half that of CB2, but I feel that I’d be settling a bit… Continue reading

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Window Shopping: Metal Tub Chair

I really, REALLY want to add two metal tub chairs to my dining room table. Our current chairs are kind of rickety after all the moves…and I just love the classic industrial lines of these pieces.
I’m thinking about buying these beauties from Cost Plus World Market . They are about half the price of any other store, plus they are *on sale* right now!! Aren’t they pretty? You can get the same version at Sundance Catalog…for over three times the price. I’m sure the quality is better, but still…Also, I’m a sucker for the slight patina of the World Market version, vs the shiny newness of this one. Anthropologie has an interesting version, but it may be too distressed for my taste. I want something with patina, not something that looks like it’s been caught in a fire. Plus, it’s also twice as expensive as the World Market version. Pottery Barn has one, but it lacks the armchair wrapping quality that I like in the World Market version. Also too shiny and expensive… Crate & Barrel‘s version is the most unique of the bunch, but I think the punch detailing on the seat makes it too embellished for me. Plus, again, it’s twice as much as the World Market version. How do you do it, World Market? Gorgeous chair and at the lowest possible price! Ahhh, beautiful. Now, I just have to talk myself into the splurge…Cheers, Amy
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