The Greatest Desk Accessory

I just discovered this T Rex staple remover on ahalife‘s website. How much fun would it be to CHOMP that staple off the page every time you had to do some filing or copying? Now if I could only justify the price…

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Favorite Links: Oma Edition

My mom just came out to visit for a week – it was wonderful having her here! She is one of the most creative women I know, and I always feel inspired at the end of our visits. I love spending time with her.

For my favorite links this week, I thought I’d pick a few that are inspired by our visit:

Have you seen the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum? Swoon… We went to visit over the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. I hadn’t realized that he played such a pivotal role in revolutionizing women’s fashion…and really making strides for feminism. His introduction of the pants suit apparently sent shock waves through popular culture. The exhibit is a fascinating peak into an amazing career.

For you creative types, ever considered doing book origami? My mom discovered this nifty idea here. Also, apparently you can knit with old cassette tapes. Who knew?

Lastly, here is a tribute to Maurice Sendak in the NYTimes. Beautiful work honoring an amazing man. RIP Mr. Sendak – may you dance the wild rumpus wherever  you are.

Cheers, Amy

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Initial Bracelet

Want a fresh spin on wearing your child’s initials? Here’s a cute brass version, crafted from old recycled locker tags.

Find it on SpoonSisters. Here’s how they describe the bracelet:

A couple of years ago, the artisans, who created these bracelets, found a treasure trove of vintage locker tags. They purchased all of them knowing someday they would turn them into a unique piece of jewelry. Here the tags have become the focal point of their version of an ID bracelet. The artisans engrave an initial in the center of a tag, and attach it to either a solid brass cuff or thread it through a thin piece of soft leather.

I totally want one.

Cheers, Amy

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Well Behaved Women…

You may have heard of a book (or at least the title phrase) called “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.” It’s an interesting study by Harvard professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich on various women who are well known throughout history. Her pervasive theme is that…well…the title of her book says it all.

I recently added the book to my wish list and plan to read it soon. I’m late to the game – it was originally published in 2007. Here’s a book review from the NYTimes. And here’s another from the Deseret News.

Has anyone else out there read it? What did you think?

Cheers, Amy

You may also be interested in:

Beauty and Post Partum Bodies

Gabourey Sidibe on Beauty and Confidence

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Wanderlust: Human Nest

How cool is this? Treebones Resort on the California coast has a “human nest” that you can stay in. Imagine ‘camping’ on a pile of blankets, listening to the surf, smelling the tang of salt in the air, and staring up through a mesh of tree branches at the stars.

Might have to add this one to my life list. For full details, check out the resort’s website or read this post by Oh Happy Day.



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Inspiration Outfit, White Sangria Version

To go along with my easy sangria recipe from earlier today, I thought I’d post an inspiration outfit. Dress it up, dress it down: I’d love to wear this outfit while mingling with friends and sipping away.

The Goods

Sophie Dress from Garnish

Samara Straw Hat from Athleta

Earrings from Banana Republic

Clutch Purse from Banana Republic

Bracelet from Ross-Simons

Sandals from Timberland

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White Sangria Recipe

Well… Let’s just say I have a new favorite summer drink. There are white sangria recipes galore across the internet, but I tend to make a straightforward mix that’s easy to customize based on what’s in your fridge.

The base starts with:

1 bottle viognier
2 cups peach nectar (you can substitute peach schnapps for some)
1 cup sparkling water

Then, slice your fruit in whatever combination you so desire. Here’s some of my favorites so far:

1) raspberries and peaches
2) strawberries and oranges
3) peaches and strawberries

Frozen fruit works equally as well as fresh. If you’re not starting with a chilled bottle, frozen fruit actually helps it get to the correct drinking temperature more quickly. Lastly, don’t be afraid to let it soak…ours always tastes better the next day.

Cheers, Amy

Picture found here

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Book Igloo

It’s a book igloo. By Miler Lagos. I want one. Happy Monday.

Cheers, Amy

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Favorite Links: Vintage Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day…do you have something special planned?

I found this image in the Shorpy Historical Photo Archives.  I love everything about it…from the trio in the foreground to the child scampering down the alley in the background. Do you think the sister is going to share?

To mothers everywhere, have a wonderful weekend. For my first Mother’s Day, I get to spend it with both my son and my mother. I can’t wait.

I thought I’d share one of my favorite blog posts about motherhood, from the always wonderful Pia Jane Bijkerk. Also, a shout out to my own mother’s eponymous blog,

The L.A. Times has an article on Famous Moms Through History. Her choice of which moms to include is a little skewed to modern celebrity, but it’s an interesting read.

Cheers, Amy

Cheers, Amy

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Gifts that say ‘I Love You’

Looking for a gift that says ‘I love you’ every time it’s used? Here’s a handful of my favorite items. Perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just because. With each one, you could give as a present…or you could get creative…

I adore’s iphone case. It’s simple and chic, yet has a clear message. We use our phones all the time…wouldn’t you love to be reminded someone loves you multiple times every day? If you’d like to get creative, think about sneaking the case onto your loved one’s phone…then send a love note text message. She’ll find the phone, the case, and your note at the same time.

Another good everyday item is a tote bag. Perfect for going to the market, toting books to the library, or hanging out at the park. I love the message that wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, you’re loved. I could easily see myself using this bag as a pool tote for the summer. If you’re looking to get creative, think about filling the bag with picnic items and going on a spontaneous outing. That way, she’ll always have good memories associated with the present. Continue reading

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