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Packing a handbag for Austin

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a little homesick for Austin. If you’re planning to travel there anytime soon, here’s a few essential items I’d suggest packing in your carry on bag:

The Goods

Handbag from Etsy shop missibaba
Micro umbrella found on Amazon
Crushable hat from Roxy
Scarf from French Truckers
Nude lip gloss from Aveda
Suntan lotion from Neutrogena
Orange Tic Tacs
Sunglasses from Rudy Project
Water Bottle from Sigg

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Wanderlust: Hidden Austin Picnic Spot

Mayfield Park is a hidden gem. Tucked back at the far end of a residential neighborhood, it’s easy to miss if you’re not a local. As picnic spots go, it’s hard to beat.

The park’s website tells a bit about it’s history: Mayfield Park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This entire estate was presented to the city of  Austin in 1971 by Mary Mayfield Gutsch for all Austinites to enjoy as a park. Mayfield Park includes an historic cottage, 2 acres of colorful cottage gardens with towering palm trees, brilliant peacocks and delicate water lilies, all blending in beautiful harmony. Mayfield Preserve is the 21 acre natural area that surrounds the park, containing walking trails and wildlife habitat.

Wander amongst koi ponds, community garden plots, and limestone ruins. Bring a bit of bread to feed the resident flock of peacocks. Yes, you read that right – about twenty brightly colored peacocks roam unfettered around the property. If you’re up for a longer walk, there are several hiking trails to take advantage of.

The scenic beauty of Mayfield Park has long been recognized by the local community. Each year sees several weddings and fashion shoots on the site. As a city park, it’s free and unrestricted for anyone to use.

Cheers, Amy

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Austin Pack List

It’s April and, as usual, I find myself a little homesick for Austin. Texas in the spring is a gorgeous thing, with wild flowers galore and relatively moderate temperatures.

This year, Country Living is holding their annual fair in the city…which means I am acutely jealous of those folks lucky enough to attend.

If you’re planning a trip to Austin in the spring, here’s a few items I consider essential:

Flip flops – You won’t look out of place in cowboy boots, but Austin is really more of a laid back college town. Plus, it’s pretty warm and your tootsies will get toasty in anything but sandals. I recommend bringing a pair that you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion. My favorites are these bad boys from Reef.

Sun hat – You’ll want something with a brim, especially if you’re planning any outdoor excursions. I like the option of a crushable straw hat. Easy to pack, vaguely cowboyish, versatile. Here’s one that I like.

Light wrap – What?! But Austin is hot on the spring! Yes, but it gets cooler at night. You’ll want to take advantage of the outdoor patio dining, so come prepared. Something in linen or a *light* wool is heavy enough. Maybe something like this

Summer dress – I figure this one is obvious…I just wanted an excuse to link to my current favorite dress from Kara-Line. Austin is pretty casual, so don’t worry about packing anything more formal than this type of dress.

Tank tops and cardigans – if there’s a uniform for Austin, this would be it. Easy to dress up (see wrap option above) or down. Plus, they don’t take up much room in the suitcase. Toss in a cardigan, and you’re covered. (in addition to chilly nights, the air conditioning can get a little out of control)

Bermuda shorts – I prefer either khaki or jean. Either way, easy to pair with the tank tops you brought and perfectly appropriate for anywhere you might want to visit in the city.

Funky jewelry – Austin is a creative town, so have fun with a statement piece. I like this necklace, especially paired with the jean short and tank top combo. Why not? Go a little wild…

And that’s about it. Austin’s pretty casual, so it’s easy to pack light.

Cheers, Amy

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Wanderlust: Austin’s Perfect Dessert

Do you ever associate a specific flavor with a memory? I grew up in Austin and my favorite dessert has always been Texas French Bread’s carrot cake. Perfectly moist and rich, with raisins and shredded carrots bursting out of each piece. We had it at our wedding, so now each bite brings back happy memories for me.

Cheers, Amy

Image from here

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