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Odd Little Optical Illusion

What???!!! Here’s an optical illusion photo that’s been floating around the internet. From the nose to the chin, it’s uncannily weird. What do you think? Were you fooled? Pop on over to to share your reaction with the creator.

Cheers, Amy

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Bodoni Girl

Check out this tribute to Bodoni – a gorgeous font and one of my favorites. Poster designer Andreas Xenoulis used actual parts of the font – ascenders, descenders, letterforms – to create a Medusa-like, mysterious image:

You can read more about his creation process (and see in-progress pictures!) in this article on Visual News.

Cheers, Amy

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RAWRRR means I love you in dinosaur

In case you were wondering…

From the super cute Etsy shop harebrained schemes

Cheers, Amy

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Favorite Links

A few fun items to start your weekend on a good note:

Freelance designer Rowan Stocks Moore recently redesigned 10 Disney posters for your viewing pleasure. I’m not a huge Disney fan, but these adult interpretations are quite interesting. The layout is superb and well worth a quick click through. The Alice in Wonderland concept is particularly clever. Bambi is a little freaky, but what child wasn’t frightened by that movie? Here’s a link to the posters on NYDailyNews.

Also check out the new blog, ‘STILL’, by Mary Jo Hoffman. I first heard about her project via pia jane bijkerk‘s blog post. The concept is that Hoffman will post one still life-esque image of found objects each day for a year. One commenter called it “a meditation for the eyes” and I wholly agree. Beautiful work.

Gotye has a  SoundCloud page!! Take a peek and listen to some pretty awesome remixes of his latest songs.

Cheers, Amy

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Wordy Type:Handwritten Letter Project

Have you heard of the Handwritten Letter Project?

It’s not uncommon among word-loving types to bemoan the death of language and the impersonal nature of modern correspondence. Well, a guy named Craig Oldham actually decided to turn this sentiment into a project by inviting a number of creative minds to send him a handwritten letter with their thoughts on the subject.

The collected results can be seen on his website and through this book. If you’re in England, you can catch the traveling exhibit.

Totally cool.

Cheers, Amy

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Wordy Type: Nifty Lettering Projects

Have you seen the blog of artist Lisa Congdon? She has an awesome project where she posts a new piece of hand lettering every day in 2012. I’m impressed by her dedication, but also fascinated by her creativity. This “A” from day 90 is one of my favorites so far…


Another artist doing a handwritten letter each day is Mary Kate McDevitt from Portland, OR. Check out her work via the Tumblr account YourHandwrittenLetters. You can sign up to receive one of her letters…just fill out a form on her website. All of McDevitt’s work has a slightly vintage, ink-washed look, but the style ranges from modern superhero to vintage font.

Another cool lettering project that I can’t get enough of is 50 and 50, a curated display where fifty different artists were invited to illustrate the motto of their home state. Check out this one from Colorado, by Justin Fuller of Pencil + Paper. The motto is odd, but I love the design.



Cheers, Amy

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Make Your Own Library: ebooks into print books

I started reading to my son from the day he was born…I think stories and books are powerful tools for unleashing a child’s imagination. There are definite childhood favorites and old classics that I want to make sure Griffin hears. But, there are also some obscure stories that I’ve uncovered via Project Gutenberg which are worth adding to the mix.

One of these books is “Japanese Fairy World” – a collection of folk stories by William Elliot Griffis. Everyone has heard of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. I think it’s interesting to add multicultural legends to the mix.

I downloaded the text from Project Gutenberg via this link. I’m particularly fond of downloading ebooks, setting into type, printing out, and covering to make a little paperback chapbook.

Here’s some simple steps to make your own print book without using a custom layout program:

1) Download the text into MS Word.

2) Change the page view to landscape. Set the text into 2 columns.

3) Use page breaks to separate chapters, then set the chapter number and title in a larger size and a different font.

4) Scan through the pages to make sure that the text looks as you’d like it. If necessary, manually adjust using hard returns and page breaks.


What about you? Are there stories that you think are essential for childhood reading? Perhaps some lesser known classics that are worth sharing?

Cheers, Amy

(Image Source: all cover designs by me… feel free to print off and use for your own personal e-book conversion! Obviously, don’t use for commercial purposes without contacting me.)

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Favorite Links

A few items I ran across this week… Enjoy!

Random fun with pets: Stuff on Scout’s Head and Maddie on Things

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) shares this video where artist Barry McGee discusses the difference between graffiti and creating art indoors. Some provocative ideas…I’m not sure I agree with everything he says. What do you think?

The Design Observer Group’s Observatory Series highlights a collection of ephemera by Marc Fischer consisting of concert and event flyers from the 1980s through the 1990s. Here’s a link to the original article and to the full collection on Flickr.

Cheers, Amy

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Favorite Things: Louvre Graphic Comic Series

So cool…did you know the Louvre commissioned a series of graphic novels around a loose theme of the museum? I’ve read the first two and am now waiting to get my hands on some of the others…


Image Source: Amazon

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