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Wanderlust: Colorado’s Front Range

Just got back from a relaxing weekend in Summit County. It’s about an hour’s drive from our house in Denver, but feels like an entire world away. I love the smell of pine and the gorgeous mountain views. Went on some beautiful hikes, sat on the deck and enjoyed the view, and came back totally recharged.

Cheers, Amy

PS – Image from here


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Happy Memorial Day!! Sparklers for Everyone!!

Image found on

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Favorite Links: 5 Beautiful Photography Blogs

There are quite a few talented photographers sharing their work on blogs these days. Here’s five that I visit regularly and am always inspired by:

pia jane bijkerk : A curation of visual soul. Beautiful photos from the blogger and other featured sources.

Caroline Dreams : A magical, fanciful journey through a Paris photographer’s dreams.

Le voyage creatif : Gorgeous photos of a food stylist’s life on a Scandanavian island.

la porte rouge : Photos and thoughts chronicling a rural life in Australia.

from me to you : Behind the scenes fashion and travel photography from around the globe.

Cheers, Amy

PS – the gorgeous image above is from le voyage creatif

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Odd Little Optical Illusion

What???!!! Here’s an optical illusion photo that’s been floating around the internet. From the nose to the chin, it’s uncannily weird. What do you think? Were you fooled? Pop on over to to share your reaction with the creator.

Cheers, Amy

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Kissing in the rain and other summer pleasures

This picture captures the pure joy of kissing in a summer rain. One of life’s simple pleasures – it should be experienced by everyone at least once.

It’s edging towards summer now… What are some of your summer pleasures? Mine include floating in a cold lake with the sun beating down on you; the sugary brain freeze that accompanies the first bite of a really good snow cone; and the smell of grass drying out in the heat.

Cheers, Amy

PS – image originally sourced from the now-defunct

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Favorite Links

A few fun items to start your weekend on a good note:

Freelance designer Rowan Stocks Moore recently redesigned 10 Disney posters for your viewing pleasure. I’m not a huge Disney fan, but these adult interpretations are quite interesting. The layout is superb and well worth a quick click through. The Alice in Wonderland concept is particularly clever. Bambi is a little freaky, but what child wasn’t frightened by that movie? Here’s a link to the posters on NYDailyNews.

Also check out the new blog, ‘STILL’, by Mary Jo Hoffman. I first heard about her project via pia jane bijkerk‘s blog post. The concept is that Hoffman will post one still life-esque image of found objects each day for a year. One commenter called it “a meditation for the eyes” and I wholly agree. Beautiful work.

Gotye has a  SoundCloud page!! Take a peek and listen to some pretty awesome remixes of his latest songs.

Cheers, Amy

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Haunting image from Werner Herzog

I don’t know about you, but I’m simultaneously freaked out and fascinated by this image from Werner Herzog‘s film The Ends of the Earth:

I have a lifelong fear of deep water, so I get a little vertigo and claustrophobia just looking at this picture. But, the light coming through the ice sheet is so gorgeous, I can’t tear myself away.

Cheers, Amy

Image sourced from here

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Wanderlust: Machu Picchu

My husband and I have gotten the travel bug recently. It’s been a while since we took a major trip – moving cross country and having a new baby tends to tie your hands a bit. We won’t be able to do any really big trips until Griffin is a bit bigger, so I’m left contemplating past adventures.

If there’s one place I’d go back to in a heartbeat, it’s Machu Picchu. Even with all the pictures you see of the site, experiencing it in person still takes your breath away. We spent two days at Machu Picchu several years ago…I could easily have spent a week exploring and taking photographs.

What about you? Have you taken a trip that you’d like to repeat? Is there a place that haunts your memory?

Here’s a few of my pics from our trip to Machu Picchu. As I mentioned, they fail to do it justice:

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Wanderlust: Puget Sound

Kind of craving a trip to the Puget Sound… We moved from the Pacific Northwest to Denver last fall, and I’ve been thinking about the beach ever since.

My favorite moment of the last Seattle trip we took was looking over the edge of a pier in Tacoma and spotting three huge, bright orange starfish clinging to the edge of the wooden pilings.

Mercer Island has a fabulous dog park with two beach access points to the water.  Waves. Canine friends. Sticks and tennis balls to go retrieve. Our dog was in heaven!

Last time we visited, we stayed at the Hotel Monaco – possibly the most pet friendly boutique hotel I’ve ever visited.  No extra charge and they drop off a pet welcome package complete with treats. Parking was a pain in downtown Seattle, but that was the only downside.

The seafood is pretty good there, too. Hmmm… May have to plan a trip back sometime soon.

Cheers, Amy

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