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Kissing in the rain and other summer pleasures

This picture captures the pure joy of kissing in a summer rain. One of life’s simple pleasures – it should be experienced by everyone at least once.

It’s edging towards summer now… What are some of your summer pleasures? Mine include floating in a cold lake with the sun beating down on you; the sugary brain freeze that accompanies the first bite of a really good snow cone; and the smell of grass drying out in the heat.

Cheers, Amy

PS – image originally sourced from the now-defunct

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Carrot Hug

A little bit of cuteness to start your week. (My friend Katie posted this on Pinterest…not sure where it was originally from…)

Cheers, Amy

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Simple Joy: Swinging in the Park

Yesterday I walked two blocks to our neighborhood park with my son. For the first time in years, I sat in a swing and enjoyed the simple childhood pleasure of flying through the air.

It was amazing.

We move through our adult lives at high speed. Sometimes it’s nice to take a few minutes to reconnect with an earlier, more carefree version of yourself. What are your favorite simple pleasures from childhood?

Cheers, Amy

Image from here

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RAWRRR means I love you in dinosaur

In case you were wondering…

From the super cute Etsy shop harebrained schemes

Cheers, Amy

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If Joshua Bell was playing in a metro station…would you notice?

Do we pay attention to beauty in everyday life? Are we able to appreciate unique moments that have been gifted to us over the course of the day? These are questions that the Washington Post set out to answer with a casual social experiment. The premise? If Joshua Bell, one of the world’s most talented musicians, began playing his violin in the middle of a metro station…would people recognize the unusual quality and stop to listen?

See for yourself…

Via Urban Kaleidoscope

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First fire of the year…cozy!

First fire of the year! Denver’s burn restrictions temporarily lifted last week…so now we can welcome winter snow with a good, old-fashioned wood fire. There is nothing so cozy as the smell of wood smoke and the warmth of a roaring fire.

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Wanderlust: Patagonia

Kind of craving a trip back to Patagonia… It’s the most windy, desolate place I’ve ever experienced, but there is sheer beauty in the simplicity and ruggedness. Here’s just a few of my pics from a trip we took a few years ago:

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The Precious Present


As I unpacked a box of books this morning, I came across one of my favorites. The Precious Present, by Spencer Johnson, is a beautiful parable about the importance of living in the (you guessed it) present and valuing each moment as it happens. A beautiful message and an important reminder to slow down.

Contemplating the upcoming birth of our first child adds an entirely new layer to the story. I’m looking forward to moving on baby time and being present for all of his first discoveries. At the same time, I imagine that one of the challenges of parenting is being able to separate from the cares of “adult life” so that you have time to respond to your child when they ask for that special moment with you.

Cheers, Amy

Image Source: Six Sisters Beadworks on Etsy

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Inspiration Quote

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

– Albert Camus
(1913 – 1960)

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Patina – the plus side of endless moves

I spent some time recently cleaning dust and grime off our furniture. This is our fifth house in three years…but we’re here to stay, so I’m finally comfortable unpacking boxes and making this our home. It’s good timing, since I’ve hit hardcore nesting stage in my pregnancy.

Anyway, as I got up close and personal with our furniture, I noticed it’s taken a bit of a beating. Scratches, dents, dings…you name it, it’s there. So, I guess the plus side is that I love the way worn objects look. It’s that bit of patina that you pay extra money for Pottery Barn to artificially create, except now we’ve got it in spades and it’s genuine.

I’ll set up pictures of my own, personal patina later. For now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite images from the web…

There’s nothing like the patina of a well-worn book. It creates the feeling of a treasured possession – something that has been handled, read, and loved many times. Image Source: Country Living Continue reading

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