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Writing Environments…what’s yours?

Interesting little column in LitReactor last week that asks writers to Tweet or Facebook pictures of their writing environments. As the columnist, Rob Hart, points out, one’s writing environment is one of the most personal and unique spaces we create. For some people, it works best with massive piles of paper; other folks prefer a spare, clean desk. Some people use a mobile laptop in a coffee shop; others bury themselves in a small room.

I’m still working on my ideal writing environment. For now, it’s a laptop…and wherever I can settle Mr. Griffin long enough to peck out a few words. My husband prefers a laptop on the kitchen table with the tv on in the background and piles of paper spread out around him.

Longterm, I dream of a space – not too big – where I can pin up some inspiration items on a wall and have some shelves with handy reference books at hand. It would be nice to have a window, but not essential. Unlike my husband, I prefer to work in a low stimulus environment.

Sooo, what does your writing environment look like? Have you already shared on LitReactor? If not, follow this link and snap a pic.

Cheers, Amy

PS – the absolutely gorgeous dream writing space aboveĀ can beĀ found here

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