Wanderlust: Colorado’s Front Range

Just got back from a relaxing weekend in Summit County. It’s about an hour’s drive from our house in Denver, but feels like an entire world away. I love the smell of pine and the gorgeous mountain views. Went on some beautiful hikes, sat on the deck and enjoyed the view, and came back totally recharged.

Cheers, Amy

PS – Image from here


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Life Inspiration Collage Board

What do you think of this idea? It’s like a giant life inspiration board in the living room…which is pretty cool. But I’m kind of overwhelmed by the visual clutter of it. Would you consider putting up a display piece like this one? Would you change things out or just add to it over time?

Cheers, Amy

PS – Image found here

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Surprising New Mom Luxury Item

My greatest luxury as a new mom? Bathrobes. I own two: a fleecy warm one and a cotton yukata from Japan. One for winter and one for summer. There is a hook in the bathroom right next to the shower that I appropriated for my robe. It’s perfect for quick changes – I can get from a shower to nursing in record time.

The best part of the bathrobe is that it makes me feel like an elegant lady, even when I’m slopping around the house doing chores. Is that silly? I’m not sure… but I know that elegance is a tough feeling to come by when you’re taking care of a newborn.

Do you have clothes that make you feel elegant, casual, and comfortable, all at the same time?

Cheers, Amy

PSb – The image is a sketch by Pablo Picasso. I found it on the always rad oldpainting.tumblr.com. Also, I own this fleecy robe. I purchased my yukata on a trip to Japan.

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Rural Cabin Dreams

For the last ten years or so, I’ve had a pretty consistent dream of buying land and building our own cabin/camping lodge on it. Nothing too fancy – the point would be to get closer to the land and practice small living when we’re there.

These semi-prefab kits are extremely appealing:

Have you heard of Shelter Kit? I love their unit 1s. I could see putting up one the first year, then adding on over time. Would also make a great guest cabin or writer’s retreat.

I’m extremely drawn to the barn models from CarriageShed.com. I’d build one and use the stalls for semi-private bedrooms. I’m picturing built in bunk beds, kind of like summer camp.

Sunset Magazine has a cool feature on prefab homes. Beautifully simple and spare – just room for the essentials. Their models might be a little too designed for my taste, though.

With a newborn baby, these are still just dreams. But I can’t resist looking at land listings online and planning it out in my head.

Of course, it would be *the* place for family reunions. Stargazing, campfires, hiking…

Maybe someday… For now I’ll continue to dream. What about you?

Cheers, Amy

PS – Unit One image found here

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Happy Memorial Day!! Sparklers for Everyone!!

Image found on ourblogoflove.com

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Favorite Links: 5 Beautiful Photography Blogs

There are quite a few talented photographers sharing their work on blogs these days. Here’s five that I visit regularly and am always inspired by:

pia jane bijkerk : A curation of visual soul. Beautiful photos from the blogger and other featured sources.

Caroline Dreams : A magical, fanciful journey through a Paris photographer’s dreams.

Le voyage creatif : Gorgeous photos of a food stylist’s life on a Scandanavian island.

la porte rouge : Photos and thoughts chronicling a rural life in Australia.

from me to you : Behind the scenes fashion and travel photography from around the globe.

Cheers, Amy

PS – the gorgeous image above is from le voyage creatif

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Writing Environments…what’s yours?

Interesting little column in LitReactor last week that asks writers to Tweet or Facebook pictures of their writing environments. As the columnist, Rob Hart, points out, one’s writing environment is one of the most personal and unique spaces we create. For some people, it works best with massive piles of paper; other folks prefer a spare, clean desk. Some people use a mobile laptop in a coffee shop; others bury themselves in a small room.

I’m still working on my ideal writing environment. For now, it’s a laptop…and wherever I can settle Mr. Griffin long enough to peck out a few words. My husband prefers a laptop on the kitchen table with the tv on in the background and piles of paper spread out around him.

Longterm, I dream of a space – not too big – where I can pin up some inspiration items on a wall and have some shelves with handy reference books at hand. It would be nice to have a window, but not essential. Unlike my husband, I prefer to work in a low stimulus environment.

Sooo, what does your writing environment look like? Have you already shared on LitReactor? If not, follow this link and snap a pic.

Cheers, Amy

PS – the absolutely gorgeous dream writing space above can be found here

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Odd Little Optical Illusion

What???!!! Here’s an optical illusion photo that’s been floating around the internet. From the nose to the chin, it’s uncannily weird. What do you think? Were you fooled? Pop on over to iwastesomuchtime.com to share your reaction with the creator.

Cheers, Amy

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Kissing in the rain and other summer pleasures

This picture captures the pure joy of kissing in a summer rain. One of life’s simple pleasures – it should be experienced by everyone at least once.

It’s edging towards summer now… What are some of your summer pleasures? Mine include floating in a cold lake with the sun beating down on you; the sugary brain freeze that accompanies the first bite of a really good snow cone; and the smell of grass drying out in the heat.

Cheers, Amy

PS – image originally sourced from the now-defunct wherescoco.tumblr.com

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Bodoni Girl

Check out this tribute to Bodoni – a gorgeous font and one of my favorites. Poster designer Andreas Xenoulis used actual parts of the font – ascenders, descenders, letterforms – to create a Medusa-like, mysterious image:

You can read more about his creation process (and see in-progress pictures!) in this article on Visual News.

Cheers, Amy

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